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It is our mission to enable you to live and work anywhere in the world. Car insurance through Clements Worldwide will also protect you against any misfortunes such as collisions, repairs, damage, theft, breakdowns, and towing related charges.

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Physical Damage

Clements Physical Damage policy protects your vehicle against collision, theft and damage, even political violence.



Excess Liability

Drivers are covered for liability resulting from bodily injury and/or property damage to others that is in excess of the coverage provided by a local Third Party Liability Policy.



Worldwide Cover

Drive with confidence knowing that you are protected should any damage happen to your vehicle almost anywhere in the world.


Political Violence Protection

Covers against vehicle damage resulting from riots, strikes, terrorism and other perils.



Claims Paid in Most Major Currencies

We are able to settle claims internationally using a wide variety of currencies.



Accident Forgiveness

Your rate stays the same even after your first accident.



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Frequently Asked Questions


What information do I need to apply for an auto policy?
It is best to gather all the information you need before you sit down to apply for an auto policy. You will need the following information to apply:
  • Where is vehicle registered
  • Make/ model/ style/ year of the vehicle
  • Purchase date and price
  • Whether the automobile is made to U.S. specifications
  • Mileage
  • Whether automate has an alarm or a disabling device
  • Whether the automobile is kept in a secured location
  • Name and birthdate of all drivers
  • Accidents and moving violations within the past 3 years
  • Whether you have a personal property policy with Clements (for multi policy discounts)
  • Employer name
Do I need an Excess Liability policy?

Most countries require car owners to purchase compulsory Third Party Liability policy to cover any damage to a person or property made by that vehicle. U.S. or U.K. policies typically have very high limits of above USD 1,000,000.

Other countries require a local liability policy but often the coverage limits are very small. In Mexico, for example, depending on what state you are living, the local liability cover offered by a third party auto liability policy could be as low as USD 5,000 which would not cover costs in a lawsuit.

It is important to determine the limit of your local policy and if it is below USD 500,000 you should think about purchasing the Clements Worldwide Excess Liability Policy.


Does the policy offer worldwide coverage?

Yes, one of the primary features of a Clements Worldwide auto policy is that you have worldwide coverage meaning the vehicle can cross border anywhere and still be covered. There are only a couple exceptions including North Korea and Iran.

Clements also offers Third Party Liability in selected countries to cover the compulsory requirements.


How do I know which coverage to choose?

To protect against the cost of damages to your vehicle from collision or theft, most individuals purchase a physical damage policy.

If the vehicle owner hurts others or damages the property of others, including another vehicle, a third party liability policy covers these damages and potential lawsuits. Many countries require foreigners living and driving in the country to purchase liability protection from local insurance providers. Because of low limits and the payout in local currency only, Clements offers an Excess Liability policy to protect expatriates from lawsuits or expensive medical claims.


What are the coverage limits for Excess Liability?
Clements Worldwide offers two coverage options – USD 500,000 or USD 1,000,000.
What is political violence coverage?

Clements car insurance policies automatically include Political Violence, which provides coverage in the event of damage to a vehicle as a result of: Riots, Strikes, Acts of Terrorism, Sabotage, Malicious Damage, Insurrection, Revolution, Rebellion, War and/or Civil War.

Can't thank you enough. Have contacted other insurances who are far too complicated with restrictions and "if" and "but". Won't consider anyone else in the future.


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At Clements, we pride ourselves on having over 70 years of experience focusing on the insurance needs of people living and working overseas. So no matter where you are in the world, let Clements provide the protection you need, helping you to focus on making the most of your time abroad.


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